In the Beginning...

Even before we launched the company, we had a vision to put our clients and candidates at the ‘centre of our universe’.

The recruitment world is commonly perceived in negative vibes, but rarely as fun, exciting and sincere. We are determined to go about showing how a recruitment business can exceed expectations, not just for clients but also candidates!

Many hours followed playing with the opportunities the Cosmic Recruitment brand held for us. The more the conversations developed, the cheesier the strap lines became:

“An out of this world recruitment service”

“Fly me to the moon”

“Reach for the stars”

That was it, ‘it isn’t rocket science’! We were determined to have as much fun with the company name as possible. We were, and still very much are, focused on putting a smile on the face of everyone we come into contact with. We offer no apologies therefore for the cheese...

And that was that,
Cosmic was Launched.